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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 5, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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his service beyond the classroom as well. he and all those veterans and the kids too, you guys are our midnight hero's. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> right now they are making a mockery of us immigration laws. this is not fabricated, this is real. heather: this is "fox and friends first". having a 4:00 on the east coast, border officials telling fox news they are overwhelmed and the crisis is at a tipping point. a new legal challenge to the president's wall as he heads to the border, breaking details overnight. a bizarre turn in the case of the 60-year-old boy who vanished in 2011 and was thought to maybe have escaped his kidnappers in kentucky.
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the heartbreaking dna results in the identity behind his impersonator. a royal warning, prince harry pushing to ban a popular videogame. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ all the things i should have been doing ♪ dance dance dance ♪ heather: you are watching "fox and friends first," thank you as you take a live look at new york city, for joining us as always. let's get to that fox news alert, donald trump will get a firsthand look at the border crisis. he's heading to california where the aclu is trying to
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stop wall construction. homeland security secretary kirstjen and promises more resources to agents on the front line. >> donald trump expected to visit the california town of calexico today, 120 miles east of san diego. a sign that he's moving forward as several groups try to stop him. the aclu filed a motion asking a judge to stop the construction of the wall under trump's national emergency declaration, it is unconstitutional. that echoes how democrats feel, a statement from nancy pelosi. the president's sham emergency declaration and unlawful transfer of funds have undermined our democracy, contravening the vote of the bipartisan congress, the will of the american people in the letter of the constitution. if you ask people down there working on the border they say
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this is a crisis. border protection said they were on track to apprehend 100,000 migrants in march. and she promised border agents more resources including a barrier. the department creating this crisis like a category 5 hurricane disaster. >> on the front lines every day. >> reporter: things might be coming to a head here. and if mexico doesn't stop those undocumented immigrants and drugs from coming into the us, he will shutdown large sections of the border if not all of it.
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heather: thank you for bringing us the latest. border agents are pleading for help as they reach their breaking point in the rio grande. griff jenkins spoke with the cvp chief in a fox news exclusive. watch. >> overwhelmed by large groups of family members on the border. every twee 7 days i have the equivalent of a caravan. where are they crossing? they know exactly what resources are going to be overwhelmed in addressing family units. to the bad guys, do they stressed the resources at 40%, watching that border? >> absolutely. they use various means and methods for countersurveillance. we have ms 13 gang member, intercepting communication back
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to central america telling you, the easiest way to get to the united states, we recognize there are gaps in the policy. if you look at 2014, only 1%, now it is 50%. they are gaming the system. they know exactly, they have a child, we are not going to keep them in custody. >> testify next week, talk to politicians, democrats, republicans, what is your message for them? >> we need help. with they are making a mockery of us immigration laws. we are giving them a notice and expecting them to show up to a hearing. telling millions of people, is this a crisis, we are having the deal the families and
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children we are not built to do. they are living it every day. heather: more on the border crisis. the rancher on the border in california, stay for that. the person claiming to be a missing boy turns out that person turns out to be a full grown man dna test smashing hopes timothy vinson's family who have been waiting for him to return for twee 7 years. matt finn has more on the shocking hoax on the suspect's criminal past. >> this is a 6-year-old timothy pitts and next to a computer-generated age progression model. neighbors in newport, kentucky, called 911 to report suspicious teen. >> not a friend in the world. >> been shock as the teen claimed he was timothy pitts in.
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6-year-old timothy pitts and's mother checked him out of his kindergarten class, spent a few days with him and killed herself in a rockford illinois hotel leaving behind a chilling note saying her son was okay but would never be seen again. here is timothy's family responding. >> we know you are out there somewhere and we will never stop looking for you, praying for you and loving you. >> reporter: the person who appeared claiming to be that teenager is actually a 23-year-old man from northern ohio who is apparently a convict. we continue to investigate why this man put the family through this heartache and if there's a silver lining to this story. perhaps helping investigators find the real timothy pitts in. shannon: not the ending anyone wanted. much more to follow.
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the suspected new zealand mosque shooter is order 20 mental health test. he is charged with 50 counts of murder and 39 counts of attempted murder after allegedly opening fire on worshipers in two mosques. last month he has not entered a plea. see this? starbucks ceo howard schultz says donald trump will win reelection for 2020 if bernie sanders gets the democratic nomination. the presidential contender sounding off on the fox news townhall. >> if a democrat runs who resembles bernie sanders and says he's a democratic socialist donald trump is going to get reelected. republicans will not vote for bernie sanders.
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they might vote for somebody who is independent, centrist, and wants to restore a safe and confident in the promise of the country. heather: schultz's not formally announced his candidacy. shultz in the 2020 race, eric swalwell will announce his run next week on the late show with stephen colbert. he plans to run on a gun-control platform, will reportedly be joined by parkland school shootings survivor cameron can't ski. 17 other democrats are already running for president. here is an update. mick jagger is recovering after successful heart surgery. ♪ i can't get no ♪ satisfaction ♪ ♪ i can't get no
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♪ satisfaction ♪ >> reporter: mick jagger is resting after having a damaged bowel replaced. they postpone the no filter tour due to jagger's health concerns. and giving mexico an ultimatum, and chaos at the border, the next guest patrolled his ranch wearing a bulletproof vest and a rifle and has been fighting cartels and illegal immigrants for decades. why he says it his duty to protect the border. and getting food stamps at restaurants, stay with us. ♪
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>> the hostage standoff coming to a end, essex iraq boy, who is 8 months pregnant outside atlanta. the incident began when the suspect's girlfriend tried to kick him out. two officers were shot trying to enter that home, saved by a bulletproof vest. they are both expected to be okay. both of those officers, we will continue to follow this story as it develops. unfortunate ending. fox news alert, donald trump giving mexico one year to stop the flow of drugs and migrants or face the consequences. >> when you give them a 1-year warning and the drugs don't stop or largely stop we will
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put tariffs on mexico and products. if that doesn't stop the drugs we close the border. shannon: our next guest is a rancher on the southern border. he dealt with the migrant crisis firsthand. it is his duty to protect what is his. bob moffat joins us live. no doubt, he is giving mexico one year do something, stop these cartels. what do you think about that. >> 11 month too long. >> you were speaking firsthand in terms of what you had to deal with over the past many years on your property. tell us about that. >> what started it off was in 85, turned a meth lab over to
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the dea and the mexican army was on my ranch looking for me. they didn't know me that day but wanted to tell me to keep my nose out of their business and when operation gatekeeper started they were watching the gates but not the fences and what some friends held fortunately, we used to go out at night which is right now san diego time and picked up 20-100 a night on the border patrol. shannon: 250 acres of property, you where your bulletproof vest, take out your rifle, defending your own property, dealing with these drug cartels. we heard griff jenkins talk to the border patrol chief in the rio grande area, it is these
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criminal cartels controlling where people are crossing the border and a lot on your property. >> exactly right. shannon: you had a $20,000 bounty on your head. >> correct. shannon: that has to do with what you were talking about. >> that and i stopped them from driving truckloads of drugs from my ranch. heather: that is one of the problems the president needs to shut down the border, build the wall because of these drug cartels and the drugs crossing into the country. tell us more about that. >> they drive truckloads through when they put up the steel fence. that helps with the drive-throughs, they run the trucks over the top of the wall
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or else the drive-through and it is not as bad as it used to be and they nearly run over your own property. shannon: can you help out. >> a 10 foot high chain link fence after the national guard moved out and they left me 7 pallets of concertina wire and the army has been out there and put in two rose on top of the government fence. heather: what is the biggest danger in your community as far as illegal immigrants crossing over? >> mostly the people who work for the cartel and the drug runners. heather: a lot of people, democrats potentially running for president saying this is a manufactured crisis, it is fake, not really an issue.
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what do you say to them? >> the reason they are like that is they don't want their drug supply cut off. heather: one more time? >> my take on it is those people don't want their drug supply cut off, they were the drug cartel to come through. todd: 1 would happen if they had open borders? >> what says it best, heaven has walls and very restrictive entry and hell has no boundaries and that is why we are in hell. heather: i am going to leave it right there. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it, thank you for doing what you have to do to protect our country, not only your property but to protect the united states and keeping
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folks from getting in. >> my duty as i see it. heather: be careful out there. >> got it. heather: the time is 19 after the hour. protesters scratching the stage to interrupt charlie kirk and candace on. on. [shouting] heather: carly shimkus has the growing backlash to those hecklers pouring in online. ♪
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[shouting] heather: carly shimkus with fox news headlines serious xm 115 with the backlash. >> candace owens said something like we would love to have a conversation with you but the protester -- so these students for palestine, students for justice in palestine organization, and in a facebook post, turning point usa, extremely problematic, you should not be provided a platform to share it especially at a public university. many on social media. mary and on facebook saying so glad young people are waking up out there, what is happening in this country, thanks for doing such a good job. a student named chris, senior
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lecturer at lsu says just wanted to say thanks, i enjoyed the discussion. i will never understand why protesters jump on stage i another organization is speaking. they are infringing on first amendment rights and a surefire way to give the organization you are fighting against positive attention, make them look like the victims. on the other hand, any publicity is good, the bad publicity they try to say it went viral. speaking of going viral. alexandria ocasio cortez likens climate change to those who fought civil rights. take a listen. >> people who hide the fact
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their families and grandparents fought against principles of equal right to the united states. your grandchildren will not be able to hide the fact that you fought against acknowledging and taking bold action on climate change. >> some don't see the correlation between racist behavior and opinions on the climate. benny says it doesn't bode well for the country that we are at a point where charisma matters more than substance. john says aoc, climate change in civil rights or two things, not associated with each other. if you're wondering why she is crouching down, and instagram live video where she was eating popcorn and building ikea furniture for her apartment in washington dc. she has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. >> there was a lot she had to say and people were responding, i wondered how she stayed crouched down. we learned about popcorn in these videos.
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the time is half past the top of the hour and a heartwarming or heartbreaking twist for an already devastated family. the man who claimed to be this missing boy turns out to be a 23-year-old convicted felon. and investigator calls that downright evil and joins us with where the investigation goes from here.
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heather: half past the top of the hour, you are watching "fox and friends first," starting with a fox news alert. donald trump will get a firsthand look at the border crisis. he's heading to california where the aclu filed a motion to stop wall construction calling it unconstitutional. border officials say they were on track to arrest 100,000 migrants last month.
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a 17 hour standoff and then tragedy in georgia, a gunman killing a pregnant woman and a teenager before taking his own life, the incident began with the suspect's girlfriend trying to kick him out. two officers were shot trying to get inside the home but they will be okay. a person claiming to be missing boy turns out to be a full-grown man. dna tests proving felon brian rini falsely claimed to be 14-year-old timothy pittsson who has been listening to -- missing since 2011. the families understand we had broken. >> we know you're out there somewhere, tim, and we will never stop looking for you. it is like reliving that day all over again. heather: let's bring in vincent hill, thank you for joining us. >> good morning. heather: this definitely was
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not the ending so many people not to mention the family hoped for in this incident. what do you make of it? a 23-year-old man claiming to be a 14-year-old boy. >> the biggest question was what was his motivation behind this and why now? timothy went missing in 2011 so why now, eight years later? you have to question does he know the family in some way? does he know amy, the mother little timothy? why would he do this? more importantly, what charges will he face? he definitely should face charges. you heard the aunt saying they are devastating. that was such an evil thing to do so he should face the charges to the maximum extent of the law for this. heather: before we get to those
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charges i want to ask you about that. your gut instinct as to what his motivation would have been, he was so specific in his description not only showed up claiming to be his 14-year-old child missing since 2011 but was specific in the alleged kidnapping and describing the kidnappers saying they had tattoos on the arms and the back of their neck and specific about this suv at a hotel. what is your gut instinct as to his motivation? >> i don't know if he needed 15 minutes of fame but we are in an age you can find things on the internet, maybe this is something he read on the internet, he knew the specifics of this case, he knew timothy's name and when he went missing so maybe it is something he made up. whatever his motivation was, totally evil for him to do that to this family. heather: do you think he had inside information he couldn't have found out online? perhaps he was somehow related to the incident that happened?
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>> absolutely that is definitely could be the case. that is something for the investigators to look at. the fbi and the office is looking into this as well. not only are they talking to this guy finding out why he did this but definitely talking to him about what he knows about timothy and his whereabouts and anything related to this case. heather: the fbi said the local investigation continues into not only this person who they were able to identify but the investigation into poor timothy who has been missing and perhaps this should some new light on the case. what about that q publicity is what i'm talking about. >> anytime you have a missing child under the circumstances he did, he was with his mother and picked up from school, kids
1:35 am
are picked up every day, you don't expect them to go missing in the custody of the parent. this case needs to find out what happens, is he still alive? we have to take into consideration is little timothy still alive? heather: more of a reason to take that into consideration because the mother when she was found in that up allegedly committing suicide in this hotel room when he disappeared. she left a note that said he is fine but will never be found. >> that is very troubling she would say he would never be found. when you look at the video surveillance of her last night, she's seen without little timothy and investigators found blood in her suv, her cell phone was found on the side of the road in illinois, not in the hotel room where she took her life.
1:36 am
you would assume she -- not someone going in the room and moving her phone and when investigators look at her phone there were no text messages or phone calls or emails. when you look at the fact there was blood in her suv that comes back to timothy, have to question whether he's still there. that something we don't want to thing about, she could have taken timothy's life but it is an avenue that has to be investigated. heather: i had not read they discovered blood in her suv. thank you for joining us. hopefully more information will come out of this bizarre ending at least this ending and what will be an investigation. thank you, have a good day. a fox news alert, previously reported illegal immigrants arrested on 100 child sex crime charges. a registered sex offender in california is now behind bars in louisiana.
1:37 am
the state's attorney general says the arrest should serve as a wake-up call to congress demanding lawmakers support donald trump's border wall. a manhunt underway for a gunman accused of shooting and killing a 10-year-old girl in a fit of road rage. a man in this white truck followed a family home and opened fire when he pulled into their driveway in phoenix. neighbors understandably shocked. a victim of this -- >> heartbreaking. heather: police releasing this sketch of the suspect. unclear what sparked the shooting but the girl's father was also shot but is expected to be okay. chicago vowing to sue jussie smollett for refusing to pay for the investigation into his
1:38 am
alleged hate crime hoax, the city requesting $130,000 from the empire actor and if he doesn't pay by today he could be on the hook for three times that amount. chicago's top prosecutor tim cox dropped all charges against jussie smollett and the chicago police union is demanding that she step down. fox reacting in a statement saying, quote, i was elected by the people to pursue community safety, prevent harm and uphold fairness and equal justice. i am proud of my record in doing that and i plan to do so through the end of my term. forget the presidency, this teenager wants beto o'rourke to be her date to the prom. the 2020 hopeful turned her down on the campaign trail in iowa but offered her something else instead. >> someone who did not go to the prom, we came up with a counterproposal.
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[applause] heather: she can't caucus for o'rourke in iowa. should she should he have gone or not? howard shultz shaking things up in the 2020 field with a potential third-party run but has a spoiler alert for liberals. >> if a democrat runs resembles bernie sanders who says he's a democratic socialist, donald trump is going to get reelected. heather: the democratic party after recent shift that could cost them the election. that debate next. ♪
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>> i'm not going to be a spoiler. there is a pathway to 270. i want to do everything i can
1:43 am
to restore promise of america. vast majority of americans are in the middle. i'm a centrist. i've been a lifelong democrat, the democratic party left me. heather: howard shields making his case to independent voters in a fox news townhall. his objections to the democratic party after recent shift towards socialism enough to sway voters to back a third-party candidate? here to debate is chairman of the committee to defend the president, ted harvey and liberal political analyst rochelle ritchie. appreciate it. how big of a danger is shultz to democrats. >> he is a huge danger. there is a reason we have a 2-party system, because the people in the middle will not be able to pull enough people out of the democratic party to win an election.
1:44 am
ross perot, when he ran as an independent, we have a 2-party system and that is the way it works, and if you seriously should run as a democrat but they can't because the democrat party has become such a leftist party, you have an avowed socialist probably going to win the nomination. heather: what do you think of that? howard shultz said in a townhall that if bernie sanders and that being the democratic candidate donald trump will win reelection. >> that is his opinion, not by those who support bernie sanders. howard shultz said he is running because summer too far to the right and others are too far to the left and he's more of his centric candidate. beyond that i think howard shultz has an issue. right now he can't actually be president if you illuminate the
1:45 am
u.s. constitution. you have 538 electors in this country, you need 270 constitutionally to be president. if he runs as a viable third-party candidate he can only successfully split the electoral college to ensure the 270 is never achieved. what happens when he does that? goes to a block vote in congress per state, and blocking the vote to the republican president. democrats should be afraid of howard schultz being a spoiler. heather: in terms of running, he benefits republicans. >> certainly he does. he is a democrat running on democrat principles but he can't win through the democrat primary system because he is too moderate at the democrat party has become so leftist you had every single democrat candidate running for president
1:46 am
right now cosign the green new deal even though that was so radical it couldn't get the votes to pass out of the senate. the democrat party has gone so far to the left that a moderate like shultz can't win it. that is where we are in american politics. heather: we had one other moderate saying he's going to jump into the ring and he will be on the democratic side and that would be for speaker of the house against nancy pelosi, he announced on the view he will be running. what about that middle-of-the-road candidate for the democrats? >> the middle-of-the-road candidate compared to some on the far left and also beto, another guy who is pretty moderate, pulling's number one and number 2 given the scientific polling out there.
1:47 am
you have a lot of diversity in the democratic party and it is an unfair characterization to say the democratic party is so far left, a moderate tone cannot get elected in the primary. the polling is clear, joe biden and beto have viable chances to win the primary. joe has not announced yet, pulling a number one consistency. heather: tim ryan ran for house minority leader against nancy pelosi. >> to say that beto is a moderate is crazy. 's for infanticide, he is for the green new deal, he is for every socialist policy democratic party has pushed over the last four years. he is as far left as any of the candidates that are out there. that the problem the democratic party has with the field of candidates, they can't win in a general election across this country.
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heather: interesting to see if things change after howard shields's appearance last night. a lot of people saying he did a good job, refined speaker, have specific ideas so we will see. thank you for joining us, have a good weekend. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and dining on your dime. should people be up to use food stamps at restaurants? the state pushing to make that happen? >> alexa, turn on the fan. >> alexa, read 1 cup of coffee. heather: what about alexa, diagnose me. how amazon's virtual assistant could play your doctor. ♪ moving is hard.
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heather: paging doctor alexa, amazon adding healthcare tools with voice-activated assistant. tracy carrasco is here to explain how it would work and if it is a good idea. >> reporter: amazon announced software that allows a lot of healthcare companies to build hippo compliant alexa tools to transmit medical information to patients. six organizations will use this software for alexa for children's hospital. and the network of 51 hospitals and health insurance cigna. patients will get a number of things like personalized medical information like progress report after surgery, prescription deliveries, even find out the locations of urgent care center. not sure if you can get any sort of medical diagnosis from alexa.
1:53 am
and other healthcare companies to use this type of technology. and the healthcare industry, and interesting technology here. heather: not necessarily for diagnosis yet. that should be coming. speaking of healthy or not. beer and coffee. combined. >> combined. now you don't have to choose whether you want coffee or beer. harpoon brewery collaborated with duncan to come up with a beer inspired by coffee. it combines the flavor of duncan's original blend with nal which is how duncan describes it. it will be available this summer in cans or draft in select locations. this is the second time they've come up with a beer and coffee collaboration. last year they had the coffee
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porter which was a big hit. heather: i don't know if i would try that. it is very heavy. a combination of caffeine and alcohol, where that would lead you. thank you so much. remember the former naacp leader who pretended to be black? >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. heather: she is now known as the although will pay $9000 in restitution in a welfare fraud case, she will complete community service to avoid jail time. investigators say she falsified her in, install thousands in food and child care benefits from washington state. food stamp recipients consume
1:55 am
cash in benefits at restaurants. lawmakers supporting the bill and maryland say it is meant to help people who cannot store or prepare food. it could be passed as early as monday and we asked if this was misusing welfare. brian says the welfare system is itself a misuse of taxpayer fundss. ron on twitter rights this is going too far with helping the needy. if they can go to a restaurant we shouldn't have to pick up the tab. john on facebook said it would be fine if it was regulated. keep your opinions coming in. 5 minutes until the top of the hour. after the divorce rate spiked, is for tonight more addictive than drugs? who is falling for a ban on the battle reality a game? ♪ when we started our business
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heather: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. police department proving they go above and beyond the badge. officers in albuquerque doing random acts of kindness delivering food and toys to the needy and they danced and played sports with the kids. now the bad. prince harry calling for popular online video games to be banned, reportedly saying for tonight was created to addict children to screens. he claims social media was more addictive than drugs.
2:00 am
the hottest new haircut in india, this barber literally setting hair on fire and customers asking for it. he apparently uses gel and comes the hair while it is still burning. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> we are being overwhelmed, they are making a mockery of us immigration laws. heather: friday, april 5th, border agents say they need help now because criminals are taking full advantage of our weak laws and wide-open the polls. rob: we are ahead of the president's visit. >> if a democrat runs who resembles bernie sanders donald trump is going to get reelected.


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